Founded in Montreal on October 28, 1983 under the name of Quebec Association of Deans and Directors for the Advancement of Studies and Research in Education Incorporated (ADAEREQ), its name was changed to the Association of Deans, Doyens, Directors , guidelines for study and research in education in Quebec (ADEREQ) in 1997.

ADEREQ is a national autonomous non-profit organization which was incorporated on October 10, 1983 under the authority of constituting law 070 – L.R.Q. chapters C-23 (1983) and C-38, part 3 (1988). Since October 9, 1996, she has been identified with the Inspector General of Financial Institutions of Quebec under the number 1146130050.

The objectives of ADEREQ are to:

ADEREQ's means of action are: